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I’m not a guru or a maven, either. But I’m an exceptional writer. Whether you need a magazine feature or web writing, I’ll base your content on well-researched facts, reliable sources, and more than a little curiosity. And because I write with real people in mind—using simple, engaging language and logical storytelling—you won’t lose your audience halfway down the page.

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I offer a range of writing services to:

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Web Content

Feeling lost in the crowd? I’ll help your website stand out. Whether you need a whole new website, a series of blog posts, or you just want to update your image, I can provide concise, unique content that will attract and inform your ideal client.

Feature articles

If you're looking for engaging, informed articles for your publication, I can help. Let me use my reliable research skills and adaptable writing style to attract the audience you want.

E-newsletters and e-books

Keep your customers informed with e-newsletters and marketing e-books. I’ll tap into my creative network and assemble a team that can handle your publication from start to finish. Want to make sure it reflects your brand? Don’t worry—we’ll do it your way.

My work

Just a few of my favourite things.

Bide Awhile Animal Shelter Web copy

Welcoming a homeless animal into your family should be a joyful and rewarding experience. At Bide Awhile Animal Shelter, you’ll find a number of pets waiting for the right person to come along and give them a better life.

If your ideal adoptee comes with whiskers and nine lives, you’re in luck. We usually have a wide variety of cats to choose from. Better yet, Bide Awhile cats are happy cats. By giving them the freedom to roam our shelter’s wide-open spaces during the day and a safe place to sleep at night, we’re helping them become social, adaptable, and ready for their next (and last) home.

If you’d prefer an animal that loves car rides and long walks on the beach, give us a call. Although we have limited space, we often have dogs available for adoption.

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BITS Interactive Web copy

First impressions are important. Before we get started, we’ll make sure that we know how you want to present your brand—making it easy to control your image.

Not sure where to start? We’ll help you figure it all out. We’re lucky to have team members with a wide variety of backgrounds, giving us the tried-and-true experience that’s necessary to understand how to attract your target audience.

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HRM Parent Blog post

School’s out, the beaches are full, and the marshmallow roasting sticks are out. Summer’s no time to be serious- just ask your kids. If they’re anything like mine, you’ll be lucky if you get any response at all as they zoom by to play on the Slip n’ Slide with the kids next door. But what about those rainy days, the days when there’s no one home to play with, or when it’s time to settle down for bed? Find the right book and there’s no reason for the fun to stop.

Why so serious? Originally posted on July 24, 2012.

Halifax Magazine Magazine article

You likely know that Halifax is Canada’s largest city east of Quebec. It was founded in 1749 by Governor Edward Cornwallis and has more pubs per capita than any other city in Canada. (Although Montreal and St. John’s occasionally challenge that claim). There’s a cannon on Citadel Hill that fires every day at noon and a cartoon tugboat ambles around the harbour. But even though most of us know quite a bit about our fascinating, historic city, there are a lot of things you don’t know. Here’s 50 of them.

  1. The Halifax-Dartmouth ferry service is the oldest continually operational saltwater ferry service in North America.
  2. Until 1844, the Royal Navy hung pirates at Point Pleasant Park’s Black Rock Beach.
50 Things You Don’t Know About Halifax Originally published in July/August 2013.

Atlantic Business Magazine Magazine article

We’ve all heard the phrase “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” And since pretty much everyone has experienced a mother’s wrath at one time or another, most of us would agree with that sentiment. Well, it turns out that business works the same way, with executives and upper management playing the role of the proverbial mama.

High-level happiness Originally published in May/June 2013.

ParentsCanada Magazine article

All parents know their child is amazing. Now research is showing that our babies are even smarter than we thought. Within the first couple of months of life, they’re already beginning to develop their passive vocabulary by learning the difference between similar and different word sounds (phonemes). It was this research that inspired Dr. Richard Goldbloom to become involved in the Read to Me! program in Halifax.

Foster a love of reading from infancy Originally published in March 2013.

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